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FIFTH  Annual Tailgate 

Saturday November 11th

The Fifth annual Tailgate party will be held at Town Hall. Please see below for additional information.

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The Annual Tailgate will be held at Town Hall on  November 11 from 6:30PM-10:30Pm

Tickets can be ordered here on the website

Tickets are $50.00 each and $20.00 for Conard and Hall Coaches

Tailgate Party

Board of directors

Co- President Conard- Dennis Swanton

Co- President Hall - Paul McConnell

VP Publicity Conard- Michael Bell

VP Publicity Hall- Monica Ehrlich

VP Fundraising Conard - Chris Boehm

VP Fundraising Hall - Carolyn Martindale

Treasurer (Hall)- Mark Walker

Secretary - Brian Lee

Tailgate Chairperson- Carolyn Martindale Carolynmartindale@comcast.net



We are looking for Volunteers to help with the tail gate if you are interested please press the read more page and fill in the contact us info.

The War-Chief Sports Council was founded in 2014 as a natural outgrowth of the successful public-private philanthropic partnership that led to the installation of lights at the Hall and Conard outdoor Stadium.

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